Why you should support us?

The students in the primary and secondary schools coming from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds do not have joint activities and often attend school in different shifts. The lack of mutual activities produces stereotypes and prejudices that often lead to conflicts, discrimination and violence. Unfortunately, the segregation of schools is more often seen as the only solution to prevent such circumstances that arise within the schools. As a direct consequence from such actions, there is also lack of communication between the parents of the students as well as teachers and school staff coming from different ethnic backgrounds.

The Foundation for Integrated Education will support the teachers in order to develop skills and competences to respect and value differences in their school and wider community. This will relate to the whole set of school and community experiences from which the children can learn.

The Foundation will introduce and offer new innovations to the education system by incorporating training programs and activities that for the first time will introduce the education stakeholders to some of the most important principles for establishing and creating an integrated education ethos and how to promote and implement integrated education activities in multiethnic school settings. The Foundation will promote and support cooperative relations between the schools and the local community in order to work together while establishing new policies and practices within the schools.

The training program on integrated education will provide a major contribution to the training of personnel who will work on integrated education activities in the divided schools, staff who need a professional approach to respond to all the challenges facing multicultural settings. The teachers will gain the necessary skills and competences to teach in multi-ethnic schools by applying the most contemporary methods and techniques of teaching in multicultural surroundings. In addition, the teachers will learn how to set up school practices and policies that will give the school a positive and inclusive ethos.

Additionally, the Foundation for Integrated Education will make efforts to improve the infrastructural conditions for the schools in order to increase the quality of education and provide equal conditions for all the students.